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I love kawaii characters, interesting sweets, vending machines, and toys in Japan.
The word "Kawaii" in Japanese means "Cute" in English.
Japanesestuffchannel create videos on "Kawaii Cool" things in our daily life.
If you have interests in "Kawaii & Cool" stuffs,
please subscribe my channel and let's have fun together.
Feel free to contact me to share your information and ideas on "Kawaii & Cool" stuffs.

Edible Rainbow Grains Jelly


Miniature Candy Crane Game

ワクワク クレーンゲーム キャンディマシン

Easy ANPANMAN Stained Glass Cookie

アンパンマン 簡単ステンドグラスクッキー

Doraemon Hand Generator Hopter

ドラえもん 手回し発電タケコプター ふしぎのサイエンス

The Dubble Bubble Gumball Machine Phone


False Teeth & Onigiri Bath Ball

入れ歯とおにぎり バスボール

Food Sample Making Kit Spaghetti Napolitana

さんぷるん 自分で作る食品サンプルキット ナポリタン

Home Rainbow Simple Raibow Maker


Decocookie's Hanami Dango

お花見だんご 和菓子

Robi third edition #01


Bath Ball Prize Figure Collection

バスボール フィギュアコレクション

Soba Master Cooking Toy

そば打ち名人 クッキングトイ タカラトミー

About japanesestuffchannel
About japanesestuffchannel

・Channel Producer : 30oyaji (Hiroji~i)

・Solar cooker video won the 1st prize in "Yahoo Video Awards    2011".

・Decocookie channel was elected to "YouTube NextUp 2012".

・The main theme of my videos is to introduce the charms of    Japan.

■Channel Concept
   Introducing Japanese toys and vending machines
   Tutorials of Japanese sweets
   Introduction of Japanases festivals and traditional culture




・Author page in amazon

・Manages a community site named "kenjanotamago" for    truancy students and high school dropouts.
   (Japanese word "kenjanotamago" means "Philosopher's egg" in    English.)

・Manages a community site named "Kounin Navi" which    provides information about Certificate for Students Achieving    the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates.
   kounin navi

・"tea party of D" for truancy person and high school dropouts.

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